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A Response to Amelia Royko


Dear Source:

i agree with amelia royko on some of the things that she has said in her letter. the ticket agents on the ferries are RUDE, and disrespectful, and sometimes in the stores as well, though it should not be acceptable, try to understand where it is all coming from, the anger and resentment. i don't think that black locals dislike white people or white tourists just for the sake of disliking, it comes from what, about the times of slavery, it will always be in the hearts of black people whether they live in africa, america, or the caribbean, just experiencing the rapid growth of whites especially on st.john is sending panic signals to a majority of black natives on the islands. it feels like your land, your home, your future is up for bid, and many feel like there's nothing that can stop that from happening.
you know, i just wish for once that white people, just be try to understand or imagine being black, when whites own, most of the world's richest countries, black people are just trying to hold on to something, and it's scary seeing it disappearing right before one's eyes. try to put your self in the shoes of someone of color in this day and age, it is a sad me. so don't criticize harshly, try to understand.
shelia hill

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