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Want What You Have


Nov. 24, 2005 – Many years ago I heard John Blofeld, a writer and translator of ancient Eastern religious texts, who spent most of his life studying in the Far East, speak at a Buddhist temple in Rochester, N.Y.
He began by saying, "I can tell you how to be rich by tomorrow morning."
He then asked, "What does it mean to be rich?"
Answering his own question, Blofeld said, "It means having what you want, right?"
Looking calmly at the assembled group, he said, "Want what you have."
His words had a profound effect on me. I have never forgotten them.
So much of the pain that I see comes from wanting what we don't have.
Pain executed by the greedy who ruin communities, and even countries, in pursuit of what they want – which is more.
More money, more power, more clothes, more cars, more and bigger houses – and still it's never enough.
And then there is the pain of those who are addicted. They crave more food, more drugs, more alcohol, more, more, more of whatever it is they think they can't live without. They, too, will tromp over anyone in their way to get more. And still, it's never enough.
Take a moment today, or whenever, to simply want what you have.
It is what the Universe, God, whatever you believe in, has given you. It is yours. Want it, be grateful for it, appreciate it – and be rich.


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