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Cruzans Go Home


Dear Source:
I unwittingly witnessed the Cruzan rabble rousers shut down Starfish Market on Wednesday and was again angered. This action against a company which is the absolute model of good corporate citizen, which even provided food and water to the Cruzan protestors a month ago is not only senseless, but continues to divide, not unite us. I cannot imagine what possible good can come from targeting Starfish under the guise of seeking "justice". I read that our Island Administrator blames all of St John for not telling these people to go home and let us solve our own problems. Well, Julien, I wish I could have helped you. But as a white person, for me to have approached Mr. Moorhead and suggested he go home would undoubtedly tarred me as a racist.
I grew up in the South in the 1940's and 1950's so I know racists when I see them. I look around me and the majority of racists I see here on St John are black, and not from here. I am thankful that most St Johnians were reared with better manners and I am pleased to be here with them. Cruzans: I am sorry I cannot tell you to go home, but I sincerely wish you would.

John Fuller
St. John

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