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Reader Asks If Bruno-Vega Had Power on Thanksgiving


Dear Source,
I couldn't help but give a sarcastic chuckle when reading the article regarding the Thanksgiving Day power outages on St. Croix. The information given the Source by WAPA's representatives seemed to make light of what was a more extensive and widespread problem on St. Croix for the better part of Thanksgiving Day.
I, as well as many other WAPA customers on the western side of St. Croix being serviced by feeder 10, were without power continuously for more than six hours on Thursday! The power went out completely around 11 a.m. and didn't return until approximately 5 p.m. When I contacted WAPA's electrical emergency phone number around 2 p.m. I was told that it was a "plant problem" and that they really had no idea when we could expect the return of service as they were given no information either.
It seems to me that WAPA's reliability and consistency of quality of service has declined drastically in the past few years, yet we are paying premium rates. I, personally, have a big problem in paying bills now in excess of $200 per month (for minimal usage, I might add) when I don't even have service for one of the major holidays of the year.
Additional, more reliable, power sources can't come quickly enough to this territory. I ask Mr. Vega: "Did you have electricity on Thanksgiving?" If he didn't and I was his wife attempting to prepare a holiday meal with inoperable electrical appliances, no lights, no running water—I would be filing for divorce on Monday morning citing inhumane treatment.
Bridget Cox-Dawson
St. Croix, VI

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