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Appalled by Mr. Moorhead's Tactics


Dear Source:

I am appalled at the tactics this organization led by Mr. Moorhead plan on using. They are indeed targeting the wrong people and businesses in St. John. They should use their talents and leadership abilities to promote harmony amongst all people instead of disrupting people's lives and livelihood.
Why are Cruzians minding St. Johnians business? Is St. Croix crime and racism free? Shouldn't they clean up their own island, first? Why are they picketing white owned businesses? Why don't they let the FBI and our local police do their job? Why can they not wait until the truth is known?
This is a terrible thing for this organization to be doing to innocent businesses and hardworking people that only want what is right and to live in peace!
I sincerely hope that they reconsider their plans. If they must picket, they should do so where it will do the most good. At Government House and the Legislature!
It is time to stop this divisiveness. It is, simply, wrong.
Alana Mawson

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