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Reader Shocked at Corbeil's Letter to the Editor


Dear Source:

I read Bonny Corbeil's letter with total shock! She rambles on and on about how sorry she feels for Renell Lettsome and Julius S. Stewart, the theives and murderers of David Geiger and how the community failed these miserable rotten hooligans who robbed the family, beat David to death, set his home on fire and left his son Nathan beaten senseless and clinging to life with severe damages, thinking they had murdered him too. And she feels sorry for the theives and murderers?
I quote Bonny: Renell is an example of "our children" crying out to us to help them find their way.
What about Nathan Geiger? He is crying out for his murdered father, crying out from his extensive and painful injuries, and crying out from the horrific memories and nightmares that these horrible criminals inflicted upon his young life. Imagine the poor child laying there, beaten senseless and half dead, fully aware, that your father was murdered right before your young eyes and hearing, smelling and seeing the fire raging around you, that may very well kill you any minute.
While these criminals are on the loose, enjoying the spoils from their heinous robbery, living it up in style, Nathan Geiger lives in daily, hourly, minute by minute fear that these thieves, murderers and arsonists may come after him and kill him so he can't testify in court. What an awful way for this child to live! And Bonny feels sorry for the criminals who wrecked his life?
I think a sentence of death for both these awful despicable criminals is far too kind and more than likely, if they are ever caught, they will be sent to some posh prison, housed and fed and taken care of by the government at great expense while Nathan Geiger will spend a lifetime suffering for being a good kid and a victim of a horrible tragedy.
The government is unlikely to house and feed Nathan, unless he commits some awful crime. As a victim, the government and very often the community, merely casts him aside, as "too bad you were the victim" and he won't have free housing and food for life like these despicable criminals will get at great expense from our tax dollars.
The criminals are treated far better than the victims in this crazy absurd world we live in.
Would Bonny Corbeil still feel sorry for the criminals if they came into her home and murdered her loved ones after robbing them, and committed arson with such cruelty that is beyond belief?
Bonny begs the community to come together and help troubled youth. Don't these youth have any parents? Aren't parents supposed to teach their children right from wrong?
Well what about Nathan and other innocent children who are great kids, that struggle to go to school, live by the laws, take responsibility for their actions and grow up avoiding evil temptations. Why are they shunted aside and all the focus, attention and money placed on the criminals?
Who will help Nathan and his one remaining parent rebuild their shattered lives? Former Resident of St John and former neighbor of David and Nathan Geiger.

Grace Klotz

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