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'We the People' Say Feds Suppressing Information


Dear Source,
We the People for Justice in conjunction with the St. John Association for Equal Rights and Justice, forced an unprecedented meeting with the local and federal government yesterday. As a result, we were able to conclude that the federal government is suppressing critical information for the purpose of skewing the public's perception of the heinous crime perpetuated against Mrs. Esther Frett.
The medical examination and most specifically the victim's rape kit are uncontrovertible evidence. This is the singular reason for the federal government's refusal to divulge any information concerning the Frett case. Every artifice is being used to leave the impression the crime was not in fact committed.
Our collaborative efforts have revealed a vested interest in maintaining St. John's image as the premier vacation island – at any cost. Racism and racial violence simply does not exist on St. John. Hence, the refusal to admit to a medical examination and rape kit. Official silence is the fertile ground in which to plant the not so subtle rumors the incident never happened.
We call on the federal government to release the results of the medical examination and rape kit in the Esther Frett case.
Gonzalo Rivera
St. Croix


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