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What Does Starfish Market Have to Do with The Frett's Case?


Dear Source:
Since when do we have community members that have deemed themselves judge and jurors on people? What does the owners of Starfish Market have to do with the Frett's case? I never heard a thing about the people of this place ever doing anything to the Frett's so why are they being harassed?
Before people jump into doing things for which they have no concrete facts to, I think facts should be obtained first. Was a rape kit test done? If so what were the results. If it wasn't done, why not, why wouldn't a person so persistent about things happening to them not take one? Were lie detector tests given to all involved? Did anyone refuse to take one, and if so why would they refuse? Either way what were the results? Have there been any forensics obtained to corrabate the alleged crimes? Has it been proven these crimes really did take place on the sides of either party involved?
Isn't the police and FBI who should be the ones finding the answers? Why are people and businesses that had nothing to do with these crimes being harassed? If protests are to be done, shouldn't it be directed at the justice system? Isn't that where the truths of this case is supposed to ultimately come out from? Right now, none of us know the answers. Do we really have incidents of real crimes or do we have incidents of a plot to cause community division due to personal issues? None of us know for absolutely sure.
Do supposed activists want to ultimately be the ones to cause an economy of a small island to crumble through their actions when their actions are taking place without all the facts? People need to think long and hard about the affects of the whole picture not just the parts they wish to see. I know I don't want to see my fellow Virgin Islanders on St. John suffer because unreasonable nonsense caused their economy detrimental harm, due to other's ignorances. I want to know what the real facts are and why the police and/or FBI hasn't come forward yet with any answers.
There is a difference between being an activist and an antagonist.
Carol Berry

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