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The Library and the Display of Artifacts Are Overdue


Dear Source:
The displaying of the artifacts was supposed to be set up in the center court during the building of Tutu Mall. That was the purpose to the design of the center court. The artifacts went missing after being sorted out. The display was never done due to that. If they are now on island, it has been long overdue to be displayed. It was the intent of the owners to provide an artifacts display area for the public due to the controversy that took place prior to the building the mall.
Nadine Marchena is incorrect in saying it is false that officials and locals thought a library was in the works. It may have not been part of the EDC benefits but talks did definitely take place back at the time of Tutu Mall's construction. I however don't recall if it was supposed to be part of a Phase II construction that never did take place. I do recall at the time thinking, it would be a great idea to have a library on the east end of the island due to the difficulty of parking both at the UVI and Enid Baa Libraries.
I worked on the building of Tutu Mall. It's about time these things finally get around to taking place.
Carol Berry
St. Thomas

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