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Racetrack Clean-Up Shows Clearly What's Important to Our Officials


Nov. 29, 2005 – Who says our government officials don't have a sense of urgency? Just look at the speed with which they're cleaning up the mess at the Clinton Phipps racetrack.
Of course, their zeal in dealing with the racetrack does tell us something about their values.
The horse track, where illegal betting is routine and animal abuse is rampant, will be up and running in a few weeks. All it took was one Senate hearing to get everyone scurrying around to make sure the races would go on.
What about our public schools? Given an entire summer to do routine maintenance, the schools opened in deplorable condition.
Our roads? Potholes reign.
And what about the dire need for more police officers?
We could name a dozen instances where the quality of life for all residents is being dramatically harmed by the lackadaisical manner in which those critical issues are addressed.
We've written story after story about hearing after hearing where department heads are called away from their desks to answer senators' questions. We would like to write the story about how the problems –– especially in our schools –– were jumped upon with great alacrity and fixed.
We can't.
But, glory be, we can write that Clinton Phipps Racetrack will be up and running for the holidays.
We should be ashamed.

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