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Art by the Square Foot Exhibition at Mango Tango


Dec. 1, 2005 – Mango Tango Art Gallery opens the "Art by the Square Foot Exhibition" this Friday, Dec. 2, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. 11 artists were given the specific parameters of the square foot size. While locked into working in that small size, Kathy Carlson, Ensor Colon, Anne Garney, Derrick Grant, Judith King, Ann Marie Kissel, Merryn MacDonald, Jahheal Massac, Sandy Meyer, Roger Parent, and Patty Tacquard, drew on their imagination to create some of the most superb work on view in the gallery in years.
Most of the artists present six to nine works. Gallery co-owner Jane Coombes notes, "The exhibition is diverse in medium, technique, and subject matter. The show includes oil-on-canvas and acrylic-on-canvas paintings, raku sculpture, mixed- media, plaster and ceramic sculpture, watercolor on board, watercolor and ink on paper, digital art on canvas, paper collage, and fabric art. The breadth of the subject matter includes sea life, patterns in nature, florals, Afro-centric heritage, and the human body at work and play. Some paintings are representational, while others are abstract."
Most of the artists have exhibited at the gallery in previous shows. Watercolorist Sandy Meyer and ceramic artist Jahheal Massac join the gallery for the first time.
Meet the artists at the champagne reception. Interpretive blues and rock-n-roll band 2 Blue Shoes rounds out the festivities.
The show continues for one month. For more information, call 777-3060, or CLICK HERE to learn more about the gallery.

Work by Jahheal Massac

Work by Patty Tacquard


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