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FYI: Sen. Berry Advocates Action Against Corruption in Government


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Dec. 9, 2005 – Senate President Lorraine L. Berry declared the Virgin Islands join the world community in celebrating the United Nations International Anti-Corruption Day on Dec. 9.
Berry noted that a year ago in a conference held in Merida, Mexico, 110 countries signed the United Nation Convention Against Corruption where it was proclaimed that business and government should work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.
However, as the Senate President pointed out, the United Nations also recognized that effective action against corruption is the responsibility of governments; and that civil society and the private sector also have an active role to play in these efforts by supporting governments and holding them accountable.
In observing the celebration, Berry called attention to her drafting request submitted Jan. 10, 2005, and currently being worked on by the Legislature’s Legal Counsel. “This proposal is right on the mark with the United Nations mandate; for it creates an autonomous Commission on Ethics and Corruption.
Berry also noted throughout the years she has consistently called upon the Offices of the Inspector Generals to investigate wrongdoing and malfeasance in government.
Concluded Berry, “We must give people further protection in disclosing irregularities; I believe increasing protection of whistleblowers will also go a long way toward exposing these irregularities in government and the private sector."


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