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Reader Writes of the Important Role of Adults in Children's Lives


Dear Source:
Most of my monthly letters are planned a few months in advance. This month I was going to talk about the embarrassment of the Republican Party both nationally and locally. (I will do that letter next month).
This month I will talk about a positive experience that occurred on Oct 29, at All Saints Parish Cafeteria. I started Scouting in Cub Scout Pack 156 and then I crossed over to Troop 156 and attained my eagle badge. The leader of Cub Scout Pack 156, Ms. Davis, selected me to be the guest speaker at an awards banquet (I am humbly thankful for the honor). While I expected a few adults at this engagement, I was surprised by the large number of adults who participated at this event. We all hear complaints about parental involvement within and outside the schools. Most of us experience the empty stands at various events. I was filled with pride to see so many adults come out to support these cub scouts ages 6-12. My wish is that those adults continue to be supportive as these boys get older.
In life most children start out the same; it is up to the parents, relatives, or elders to steer any child on a straight and narrow path. Whatever these adults in Cub Scouts Pack 156 possess, I hope it is contagious to other adults in the community. I would like to thank Ms. Davis, who was my Cub Scout pack leader over 24 years ago and is still going strong. Even though I was not the most obedient Cub Scout, she believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Let us all find a young person who needs an adult to believe in them because there are many children who don't believe in themselves.
Lawrence Boschulte
St. Thomas

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