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What Does It Take Improve the Quality of Government Services


Dec. 8, 2005 – All government agencies and governmental instrumentalities must have and follow standard operational procedures. In the past twelve years that I have provided automobile inspection, registration and business consulting services for my clients, I have found in way too many cases the same department on St. Thomas functions differently on St. Croix. Now why is that?? With the mission : to improve the quality, productivity and delivery of government services; and with elected representatives supporting an administration that requests your resume without your name, and hires the most qualified; and with the motto: "Service is not Servitude, It's all in Your Attitude," we will begin to experience improved and increased productivity and customer satisfaction. We must begin with the people who deliver the service. Reducing the stress of the government employee by initiating flex time or staggered work hours in as many governmental agencies as possible will improve morale, productivity, while reducing stress and traffic. The most unproductive time in our government is between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m. when parents are picking up children from school and taking them to an after school program or some type of after school care. Developing a school pick up and on site after school programs for employees' children, improves morale and increases productivity, and reduces stress and traffic. Involving the unions, Human Services, senior citizens, college and community service students to provide tutorial and homework assistance, snacks and meals, in a supervised safe environment. This allows employees to have a lunch hour, allows parents time to interact with children which in turn improves morale and productivity, and reduces personal stress. Creating a "sick bay," which would be an infirmary where children who cannot go to school due to illness can be in a safe environment. Parents don't loose time off the job, absenteeism and parental stress is reduced, and productivity improves.. Tele-commuting (working from home) may be a "new" concept that our government should explore as another avenue to increasing and maintaining productivity and reducing absenteeism. We must be creative and willing to get the most from our employees. Challenge the unions, the university and Personnel to develop managerial training for all managers and customer satisfaction training for all employees. This improves morale, productivity and customer satisfaction; remembering "Service is not servitude it's all in your attitude." Challenge the unions and their membership to encourage the establishment of on site wellness centers and programs. This Improves self-esteem, health, morale and increases productivity, and could possibly reduce insurance costs. Challenge union membership to demand their unions provide education, training and supportive services to their membership for their personal and professional growth and development. This Improves morale, productivity and opportunities for upward mobility. These are all achievable! Are you willing to improve the quality, productivity and delivery of government service? Recognizing, appreciating, and developing our human resources is an integral part to customer satisfaction.

Editors note:Former Sen. Stephanie Scott-Williams, a community activist, presently operates "I'll Do It For You", a consulting and expediting service. She challenges the dialogue to begin about a new way of being in the Virgin Islands.
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