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This Week's Picks and a Host of Gift Suggestions from Dockside Bookshop


Here is where you will find what's new at St. Thomas's well known, well read Dockside Bookshop at Havensight Mall. Every week you will find new titles to peruse. Look for updates of our "picks" for fiction and nonfiction. And don't miss our Holiday Season gift suggestions.
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Leonardo's Notebooks, by Leonardo da Vinci, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers– Hard Cover, 334 pp. $40
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) possessed arguably the greatest mind the world has ever known. Artist, draftsman, inventor, and philosopher, his contributions to modern society are profound and wide-reaching. Throughout his life, Leonardo kept dozens of notebooks, elegant studies on topics ranging from architecture to botany to philosophy— indeed nearly anything of which the human imagination could conceive.
Leonardo' s Notebooks collects a variety of the most fascinating of these studies and compiles them into one monumental volume that demystifies his insights and clearly illustrates his ideas, experiments, and observations with hundreds of his original sketches, line drawings, and paintings. Topics include Anatomy and the Movement of the Human Figure; Botany and Landscape; Engineering and Military Engineering; Physical Sciences; Aerodynamics and Flight; Geography— and more.
Cherished Thoughts With Love, by Anne Geddes, Andrews McMeel Publishing, Photography/Art, 124 pp. $28
A baby is magic. But a baby in Anne Geddes's work is simply out of this world. One of the most respected and successful photographers working today, Anne Geddes mixes photography, imagery, and imagination in a way that truly captures the innocence and essence of children. In her images we see new life for all it is 00 and all it can be.
Now comes Cherished Thoughts with Love, the follow-up to one of Anne Geddes' best-selling titles, Little Thoughts of Love. Cherished Thoughts combines the beautiful images that first appeared in Until Now and Pure with a special selection of poignant quotations about childhood, family, and the unmatchable bond between a mother and her baby. This is a book about new beginnings, tiny miracles, and futures rich with promise.
Cherished Thoughts with Love offers proof, once again, that Anne Geddes has both the eye and the ability to convey these rich themes like no one else. Her books take readers into a different world, a place where comfort and joy flow from every page.
Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season
1. Queens by Michael Cunningham & George Alexander captures black women's passionate relationship with their hair in 50 captivating portraits and evocative essays $29.95
2. Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs by Robert Sabuda & Matthew Reinhart From two renowned pop-up masters comes an awe-inspiring tribute to the world's most beloved, extinct animals and their 180-million-year reign on Earth–brought to life in 35 thrilling 3-D pop-ups $26.99
3. Underwater Caribbean by Kurt Amsler Kurt Amsler's splendid photography and narrative take the reader on an unforgettable voyage through the secrets of the Caribbean underwater universe $35
4. One People Many Journeys by Lonely Planet Celebrating the connection between people the world over, this collection brings together compelling portrait shots and group photographs, accompanied by inspirational text and informative captions $40
5. A Day in the Life of the American Woman by Wohlmuth Saline Sheggeby Powerful intimate stories of women in America today, as seen by 50 of the world's most talented female photographers $35
6. St. John Living Art by Steve Simonsen Living Art celebrates an incredibily unspoiled island and its bountiful raw beauty $60
7. Flora's Orchids by Ned Nash A definitive, encyclopedia reference for more than 1500 orchids that are described in detail $59.95
8. Island Dreams Caribbean Color, vitality, seductive landscapes, and dazzling blue seas–the essential ingredients of the graceful arc of islands distributed around the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea $40
9. Caribbean Escapes This collection brings you to luxurious resorts in memorable locations $40
10. The Coming Free by David Rubel Covering all the momentous events that helped push forward America's Civil Rights policies–from "Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka" to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.–this book offers the first fully illustrated chronicle of the complete history of the African-American civil rights struggle $40
We will gladly order any books you want. E mail us at [email protected], or call 340 774 4937.

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