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Directory of Government Officials and Agencies


This directory is updated as of Nov. 14, 2005. Changes occur frequently. Please notify the Source of changes by email [email protected] or fax 777-8136.

—-Virgin Islands Executive Branch
—-Office of the Governor
—-Office of the Lieutenant Governor
—-Executive Branch Departments
—-Other Executive Branch Offices
—-Executive Agencies with Boards
—-Island Administrators
—- United States Congress–V.I. Delegate
—-District Court (federal)
—-Virgin Islands Judiciary Branch
—-Virgin Islands Legislative Branch
Virgin Islands Executive Branch
Charles W. Turnbull—774-0001/773-1404
Fax 774-1361/713-9805 No email yet
Lieutenant Governor
Vargrave Richards—774-2991 / 773-6449
Fax 774-6953 / 773-0330
Office of the Governor: Senior Staff
Chief of Staff—Juel T. R. Molloy—774-0001 Fax 774-1361
Deputy Chief of Staff—Alric V. Simmonds—774-0001 Fax 693-4374
Assistant to the Governor for Economic Affairs—Kent Bernier—
774-0001 Fax 774-1361
Assistant to the Governor for Public Policy—George F.
Goodwin774-0294 Fax 774-4988
Legal Counsel—Queen Terry—774-0001 Fax 774-5379
Confidential Assistant to the Governor—Horace T. Brooks—
774-0001 Fax 776-4912 / 693-4374
Office of Fiscal & Economic Recovery Implementation
Director—Nathan Simmonds—774-0001 Fax 693-4374
Office of Information and Technology
Special Assistant to the Governor for Information and Technology—
Angel A. Turnbull—774-1013 Fax 774-1490
Assistant to the Governor—Gloria H.C. Waterman—773-1404
Fax 713-9806
Assistant to the Governor—Keith Richards—693-4366
Special Assistant to the Governor—Ianthe Fahie—774-0001
Fax 693-4374
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Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Website: www.ltg.gov.vi
Administration—774-2991 Fax 774-6951
Banking & Insurance—Deverita Carty Sturdivant—774-7166
Fax 774-9458
Corporations & Trademarks—Elmo Roebuck—776-8515
Fax 776-4612
Passport Office—Nydia Burt—774-4024 Fax 774-9458
Recorder of Deeds—Wilma Hart-Smith—774-9906 Fax 776-4612
Tax Assessor's Office—Roy Martin—776-8505 Fax 776-4612
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Executive Branch Departments
Department of Agriculture
Commissioner—Lawrence Lewis—778-0997 / 774-5182
Fax 778-7977 / 774-1823
Asst. Commissioner—Elvette Elliott—774-5182 Fax 774-1823
Department of Education
Main number—774-0100 Fax 779-7153
Commissioner—Noreen Michael—774-2810
Asst. Commissioner—Anya Sebastien—774-2810
Deputy Commissioner for Fiscal (territorial position)—position currently vacant
Deputy Commissioner for Cirriculum and Instruction (territorial position)—Lauren Larsen—773-1095
Insular Superintendent of Schools for the St. Thomas-St. John District—Emily Carter—775-2250
Deputy Superintendent—Lisa Hassel-Forde—775-2250
Deputy Superintendent—Yahaya Bello—775-2250
Insular Superintendent of School for the St. Croix District—Terrence Joseph—773-1747
Deputy Superintendent—Cecelia Knowles—773-1747
Deputy Superintendent—Karen Thurland—773-1747
Department of Finance
Commissioner—Bernice Turnbull—774-1553 / 774-4750 / 773-1105
Fax 776-4028
Asst. Commissioner—Valencio Jackson—773-1105 Fax 778-5002
Department of Health
Commissioner—Darlene Carty—774-0117 / 776-8311
Fax 774-1758
Deputy Commissioner for administrative services and management
—Phyllis Wallace
Asst. Commissioner—(vacant)—713-9924 / 773-1376
Department of Housing, Parks & Recreation
Commissioner—Ira M. Hobson—774-0255 / 773-0160
Fax 774-4600 / 773-3150
Asst. Commissioner, St. Thomas—Stanley Smith—774-0255
Fax 774-4600
Asst. Commissioner, St. Croix—St. Claire N. Williams—773-0271
Fax 773-3150
Department of Human Services
Commissioner—Sedonie Halbert—774-0930 / 773-2980
Fax 774-3466 / 773-6121
Asst. Commr., St. Croix—Ferryneisa Benjamin—773-2980
Fax 773-6121
Asst. Commr., St. Thomas—Michal R. Charles—774-0930
Fax 774-3466
Department of Justice
Acting Attorney General—Kerry Drue—774-5666 / 773-0295
Fax 774-9710 / 773-3236
Chief Deputy Attorney General—(vacant)—774-5666
Fax 774-9710
Deputy Attorney General—Cornelius Evans—773-0295
Fax 773-3236
Bureau of Corrections Director—Joseph Ponteen—774-2880 /
Department of Labor
Web site: www.vidol.gov
Commissioner—Cecil R. Benjamin—773-1994 / 776-3700
Fax 773-0094 / 774-5908
Asst. Commissioner for Employment and Training—Eleuteria
Roberts—773-1994 Fax 773-0094
Asst. Commissioner—John L. Sheen—776-3700
Fax 774-5908
Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs
Web site: www.dlca.gov.vi
Commissioner—Andrew Rutnik—774-3130 / 773-2226
Fax 776-8303
Asst. Commissioner—Grace Fahie—774-3130
Department of Planning and Natural Resources
Web site: www.dpnr.gov.vi
Commissioner—Dean Plaskett—774-3320/773-1082
Fax 775-5706 / 773-3343
Asst. Commissioner/Operations—Claudette C. Lewis—
774-3320 / 773-1082 Fax 775-5706 / 773-3343
Police Department
Web site: www.vipd.gov.vi
Commissioner—Elton Lewis—778-2211 Fax 778-2373
Asst. Commissioner—James McCall (on loan from ATF)—774-2310 Fax 715-5517
Territorial Chief—Novelle Francis—774-3868 / 778-2211
Deputy Chief, St. Croix—Herminio Velazquez—778-2211 Fax 778-2373
Deputy Chief, St. John—Angelo Hill—693-8880 Fax 776-6236, Deputy Chief Angel Hill direct line 693-8226
Deputy Chief, St. Thomas—Elvin Fahie Sr.—774-3868
Fax 715-5517
Department of Property and Procurement
Commissioner—Marc Biggs—774-0828 / 773-1561
Fax 777-9587 / 773-0986
Asst. Commissioner—Randolph Latimer 774-0828 / 773-1561
Fax 777-9587 / 773-0986
Department of Public Works
Acting Commissioner—George Phillips—776-4844 / 773-1290
Fax 774-5869 / 773-0670
Deputy Commissioner for Engineering—Aloy Neilsen—774-4844
Fax 774-5869
Deputy Commissioner for Operations, St. Croix—Randy Germain–
773-1290 Fax 773-0670
Deputy Commissioner for St. John—Ira Wade—776-6346
Fax 693-8001
Deputy Commissioner for Transportation—Karole O. McGregor—
776-4844 Fax 774-5869
Department of Tourism
Web site: www.usvitourism.vi
Commissioner—Pamela C. Richards—774-8784 / 773-0495
Fax 774-4390 / 773-5074
Asst. Commissioner—Monique Sibilly-Hodge—774-8784
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Other Executive Branch Offices
Division o
f Personnel

Director—Kevin Rodriquez—774-8588 / 773-0341
Fax 714-5040 / 773-5669
Asst. Director, St. Thomas—Milton Potter—774-8588
Fax 714-5040
Asst. Director, St. Croix—Kenneth Hermon—773-0341
Fax 773-5669
Bureau of Audit and Control
Inspector General—Steven G. van Beverhoudt—774-6426 /
772-3936 Fax 774-6431 / 772-3956
Acting Deputy Inspector General—Delia Thomas—774-3381
Bureau of Internal Revenue
Director—Louis M. Willis—774-5865 / 773-1040
Fax 714-9345 / 773-1006
Deputy Director, St. Thomas—Averyl Thomas—774-5865
Fax 714-9345
Deputy Director, St. Croix—Gizette Canegata—773-1040
Fax 773-1006
Office of Collective Bargaining
Chief Negotiator—Karen Moolenaar Andrews—774-6450 /
713-0735 Fax 777-4622 / 713-0757
Office of Management and Budget
Web site: (installed and managed by OMB for tracking federal education funds) www.gov.vi/doe
Director—Ira Mills—774-0750 / 778-8925 Fax 776-0069 / 773-1763
Deputy Director—Debra Gottlieb—774-0750 Fax 886-0069
Office of Veterans Affairs
Director—Justin Harrigan Sr.—773-6663 Fax 692-9563
Assistant Director's office—774-6100 Fax 714-0589
Virgin Islands Fire Service
Director—Merwin Potter—774-7610 / 773-8050
Fax 774-4630 / 773-8032
Assistant to the Director—Donald Charles—774-7610
District Chief, St. Croix—Ovaldo Graham—773-8050
Fax 773-8032
Acting District Chief, St. Thomas/St. John—Glenn Francis—774-7610
Virgin Islands National Guard
Adjutant General (acting)—Brigadier General Eddy Charles—712-7711 Fax 712-7782
Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency
Executive Director (acting)—Brigadier General Eddy Charles—774-2244 / 712-7711
Fax 774-2935 / 712-7709
Territorial Director—Harold Baker—774-2244 Fax 774-1491
VITEMA St. Thomas: 774-2244
VITEMA St. Croix: 773-2244
VITEMA St. John: 776-6444
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Executive Agencies With Boards
Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center, St. Croix
Chief Executive Officer—Gregory Calliste—778-7993
Fax 778-4643
Roy Lester Schneider Hospital, St. Thomas
Chief Executive Officer—Rodney Miller—776-8311 x2286
Fax 777-8421
Economic Development Authority
Chief Executive Officer—Frank Schulterbrandt—714-1700
Fax 774-8106
Assistant Chief Executive Officer—Nadine T. Marchena—714-1700
Bureau of Economic Research
Director—Lauritz Mills—714-1700 Fax 774-8106
Development Bank—714-1700 Fax 774-8106
Industrial Development Commission—774-8104 Fax 774-8106
Small Business Development Agency—714-1700
Fax 774-8106
St. Croix Office—773-6499 Fax 773-7701
Public Finance Authority
Director of Finance and Administration—Kenneth Mapp—
714-1635 Fax 714-1636
University of the Virgin Islands
Web site: www.uvi.edu
President—LaVerne Ragster—693-1000 Fax 693-1005
Provost—Al Hassan I. Musah—693-1200 Fax 693-1205
Chancellor, St. Croix Campus—Jennifer Jackson—692-4000
Fax 692-4005
Chancellor, St. Thomas Campus—John Leipzig—693-1140
Fax 693-1175
Virgin Islands Housing Authority
Interim Executive Director—Lorelei Farrington—775-2741 /
778-8442 Fax 775-0832 / 773-3054
Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority
Executive Director—Clifford Graham—774-4481 / 772-3180
Fax 775-7913 / 772-4002
Virgin Islands Lottery
Acting Executive Director—Paul L. Flemming—774-2502 / 778-6360
Fax 776-4730 / 778-0683
Virgin Islands Port Authority
Web site: www.viport.com
Executive Director—Darlan Brin—774-1629 / 778-1012
Fax 774-0025 / 779-3020
Main line for Administration 775-1629. (Each department has direct lines; see V.I. telephone directory)
Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority
Executive Director–May Cornwall Adams–777-3073 STT/773-4489 STX
Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority
Executive Director—Alberto Bruno-Vega—774-3552 / 773-2250
Fax 774-3422 / 778-8444
Chief Financial Officer–Nellon Bowry
West Indian Company Limited
President and Chief Executive Officer—Edward E. Thomas—
774-1780 Fax 776-4785
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Island Administrators
St. Croix Administrator—Gregory Francis—773-1404 / 772-1000
Fax 772-0333 / 713-9806
St. John Administrator—Julien Harley—776-6484 Fax 776-6992
St. Thomas/Water Island Administrator—James O'Bryan Jr.
—774-0001 Fax 774-0151
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United States Congress
Virgin Islands Delegate to the United States House of
Congresswoman Donna M. Christensen
In the Virgin Islands 774-4408 / 778-5900 Fax 774-8033 / 778-5111
In Washington, D.C.: (202)225-1790 Fax (202)225-5517
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District Court (federal)
Web site: www.vid/uscourts.gov
District of St. Croix—773-1130 Fax 773-1563
Chief Judge—Raymond L. Finch—773-5021
U.S. Magistrate Judge—George Cannon Jr.
District of St. Thomas/St. John—774-0640 Fax 774-1293
District Judge—Curtis Gomez—774-1800
U.S. Magistrate Judge—Geoffrey Barnard
Bankruptcy Division—774-8310 Fax 776-5615
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Virgin Islands Judiciary Branch
Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Presiding Judge—Maria M. Cabret
Division of St. Croix—778-9750 Fax 778-4044
Judge—Patricia D. Steele
Judge–Edgar D. Ross
Judge–Daryl Dean Donahue
Division of St. Thomas/St. John—774-6680 Fax 776-9889
Judge—Leon Kendall
Judge—Ive Arlington Swan
Judge—Rhys S. Hodge
Judge—Brenda Hollar
Judge—Audrey Thomas-Francis
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Virgin Islands Legislative Branch
Web site: www.senate.gov.vi
See separate file, Directory: Virgin Islands Legislative Branch.


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