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Government Needs Business Management Skills


Dear Source:
The letter of J.J. Estemac was needed as a starting point to begin selection based on ability of our next governor. Government is a business. It is the business of the entire community and must be run in similar fashion in order to be successful. Our next governor must have the business savvy to be able to take a hard look at the manner in which the government is being run and reshape it to maximize the millions of dollars wasted each year. Schools and other places important to our present and future are destroyed or left to find destruction due to lack of poor money management, people management
and understanding. The running of the V.I. government needs a business leader with roots in the Virgin Islands who understands the complexities of our communities, the needs, and the waste that has taken place. A strategic plan must be put in place that eliminates non- working nepotism and provides opportunities for qualified individuals who can and will take direction and follow through with "The Plan" for success.
Additionally, we must find a leader who will utilize our young minds that are computer literate, college trained, civic minded, and with great organizational skills and ability to follow through with the task at hand.
This team should emerge from within the many proposed candidates and be very obvious to the entire community. Persons with a true success record in business, with lieutenants who possess community and business success records of their own are the key to our future in the Virgin Islands.
We can no longer let the loud and boisterous, the friends and families, become our next leaders unless they bring to the table "The Plan", unless they have the background of success to call upon. There are many politicians that have spent hours filibustering, and grand- standing, and making excuses or blaming their peers. In business this would never work, and 95 per cent of these persons could never find a legitimate job in the real workplace.
We must operate and function on a more business-like level, with every citizen a stockholder in our future and every politician responsible to those stockholders. No longer can we operate based on personal feelings that have nothing to do with benefit to our Virgin Islands.
At the same time, we need persons with a passion to get the job done, a passion for success and a get-going attitude. Rather than stall tactics, that only hurt the stockholders (our communities), we need a take-charge no-nonsense individual who is as comfortable with the elderly, youth, middle-aged, rich and poor. A candidate that recognizes our multi-cultural population and is ready to unite all of them, a candidate that can utilize the minds of our computer trained young generation to carve out plans that strategically will catapult the V.I. to financial security, our schools to having painted walls, books, and content teachers, and students.
Thank you J.J. for getting the ball rolling.
Renny Roker
St. Croix

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