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Parades Close Roads Restrict Parking


Jan 5, 2006 — Parking restrictions and street closings are scheduled for Frederiksted to accommodate the Crucian Christmas Festival parades Friday and Saturday.
Herminio Velazquez, deputy chief of the police department, district of St. Croix, announced the following of parking restrictions and street closings for the children and adult parades.
Effective Friday and Saturday, parking restrictions will be in effect for the entire parade route and on Strand Street from 3 a.m. until the parades are over. The parade route includes Queen Mary Highway (route 70) from Hannah's Rest corner north to Fisher Street, west to King Street and north to the Paul E. Joseph stadium. The parade route will be closed to vehicular traffic from 9 a.m. and reopen after the Public Works cleaning crew passes. Any vehicles found parked in the restricted areas will be ticketed and/or towed away at the owner's expense.
There will be no parking on the La Grange Road from the intersection with Ham's Bluff Road at the ball park to the corner at the old Brugal rum factory nor on any intersecting streets between King Street and Strand Street; those streets are Lagoon Street, Customs House Street, Market Street, Hill Street, King Cross Street, Queen Cross Street, And Fisher Street.
Due to heavy vehicular traffic during these events, and particularly to alleviate congestion during peak hours of the parade, the following restrictions will be in effect on parade days:
Motorists entering the town of Frederiksted through the Concordia Road will be directed through Wheel Of Fortune (route 702).
Motoring entering town via Hannah's Rest will be directed on to Percy Gardine Avenue (route 704)
Prince Street, Frederiksted will be a one-way street straight through town and into the parking area east of the festival village and up to the La Grange Road, which will be an exit out of town, motorists parking on Prince Street must park facing north.
The La Grange Road will be a one way heading east (out of town) up to the Wheel Of Fortune intersection for parade vehicles and the general public to exit.
Queen Street will be a one way traveling south (out of town). Motorist parking on Queen Street must park facing south.
The mentioned restrictions will be in effect on the parades and cease once deemed feasible by the VIPD.
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