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Faulkenberry Opens Cycling Season With Win


Jan. 10, 2006 — Nate Fualkenberry kicked off the 2006 cycling season with a victory, becoming the first mountain biker to win Anything Goes. The Sunday event was the seventh year for the race, sponsored by V.I. Cycling Federation.
The start of the race has been moved consistently west from Gentle Winds condominiums over the years, in order to find the perfect spot where both mountain and road bikers would have an equal shot at a win.
The start in 2006 was the foot of La Valle hill on St. Croix’s North Shore Road. Faulkenberry hurled his fully suspended steed up the Beast, across Scenic Road, and finished with a hair raising descent down the insanely steep sections of Scenic Road West, to the finish at Clover Crest. He handily defeated another cross country rider, John Riggs, by over 2.5 minutes. Road biker, Jamie Keys, finished third, having opted for climbing the Beast, crossing over to Centerline Road at the Drive In, and racing through Frederiksted to the finish.
The next race on the Cycling Federation calendar will be an East End Time Trial on Jan. 22, starting at the Solitude Store. For results and race information, see "www.vicf.org").
Complete results of Anything Goes #1 are as follows:
1. Nathaniel Faulkenberry (mtb)43.13
2. John Riggs (mtb) 45.58
3. Jamie Keys 47.03
4. Sue Brown 47.22
5. John Frongillo 47.42
6. Alex Betancourt 48.46
7. Wayne Patrick 49.58
8. Gabe Webber (mtb) 50.32
9. Tom Guthrie (mtb) 51.11
10. Scott Fricks 52.06
11. Dick Isherwood 53.12
12. Glenn Massiah 53.12
13. Danney Fontenelle 53.50
14. John Harper (mtb) 53.53
15. Roger Hatfield 54.14
16. Juancito Gario 54.23
17. Joseph Thomas 57.13
18. Miguel Cruz 1:01.42
19. Brian O’Reilly 1:05.06
20. John O’Reilly 1:05.06
21. Marius Louis 1:05.17
22. Lloyd Henry 1:05.34
23. Conrad Hoover 1:09.11
24. Paul Gillette 1:11.25
25. Cathy Prince 1:15.09
26. Lloydstill Alexander 1:16.50
27. Jason Snow 1:17.43
28. Gary Jett 1:18.08
29. David Nowack 1:18.09
mtb = mountain bike


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