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Alert: Work in Emancipation Garden Area to Disrupt Traffic


Jan. 13, 2005 – Parking and traffic in the area of Emancipation Gardens will be disrupted Friday while Public Works re-stripes the crosswalks, disabled and reserved parking spaces and general parking spaces.
A release from Public Works said work will start at 6 a.m. and is expected to be completed by the close of the business day.
The normally congested area, with taxis dropping off cruise ship passengers and residents picking up mail at the Emancipation Garden Post Office, will be less so as there are no cruise ships scheduled to be in port Friday.
However, George W. Phillips, Public Works commissioner, cautioned pedestrians and motorists to exercise caution when traveling in the area while the work is taking place.
The release said work will be done on Tolbod Gade, Tolbod Pladsen and all parking adjacent to and surrounding the immediate area.
Tolbod Gade is the street that runs from the Waterfront next to Little Switzerland and the eastern side of the post office. Tolbod Pladsen is the street adjacent to the eastern side of the park.


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