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We Are Being Forced to Listen to Other People's Music


If there was a way to write into legislation, "If the sound is heard more than 50' from the establishment," or if there was a decibel level set (but then we'd have to buy the meters to read the levels–forget that thought!!), then there would be a uniform rule. Why does an establishment need to have their entertainment heard from outside anyway? Let them deafen only the people inside and let the rest of us sleep!
When music begins at any local place, it always starts at a MUCH lower level, but then six hours later, they are waking people up out of a deep sleep at 4:20 a.m.! And when I have called to complain about L'escargot, I either have to try the "club" on the phone or use an emergency line of the VIPD by calling 911. There is no dispatcher on duty at that time of day. And often I have been told that they have a 4 a.m. permit, but permit or no, why am I disturbed almost 1/2 a mile away?
Also, if you made the noise level law for all people, then we could lower the automobile sound systems that overpower any conversation with someone directly next to you! More than three car-lengths away is too loud! But then why should we have to listen to anyone else's music, having it forced on us?

Sandi Pomeroy
St. Thomas

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