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Magic Moments Luxury Yachts


Are you ready for a luxurious excursion that will bring you on a Caribbean adventure in a relaxing world of tasteful opulence? Let Magic Moments turn your dreams of the sea into a reality.

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Allow us to whisk you away to very carefully selected destinations in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands. The yacht of choice, a 45' Sea Ray Express Cruiser, comes equipped with vast cockpit space for lounging and dining, cushioned tanning areas, an elegantly appointed interior with a full bathroom and more.
Let the day unfold majestically around you as you skim across the warm, soothing waters of this Caribbean paradise. Magic Moments staff will attend to every tiny detail while you are whisked between world-class snorkeling spots and far-off white-sand beaches.
And to further delight your senses, relax and let yourself go to where scrumptious gourmet fare and fine champagnes and wines will mix with the soothing rays of the sun and the warm swaying of the sea.
Join us and allow us to infuse Magic into your day.Create a Moment so special, that it will last a lifetime.
The Price is $350 per person.
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