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Richard Reiher is Mistaken


Dear Source:
If Richard Reiher had read Dr. King's speech about which Shaun Pennington wrote, he would have seen that her comments were completely in line with Dr. King's words.
Further, virtually no National Guardsman volunteered to go to Iraq, as shown by the abysmally low re-enlistment rates. They volunteered to provide assistance for disasters in their communities, which is the normal National Guard function.
Lastly, it is clear that most people do not understand the Iraq war given the poll results showing a high percentage of Americans who believe that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11. Firstly, there is no evidence of that; secondly, not even Dick Cheney takes that position; and thirdly, it is well known, especially by educated people, that bin Laden hated Saddam and considered him as an enemy because Saddam was a Muslim who separated church (or mosque) and state.
Judith L. Bourne
St. Thomas

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