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Unused Education Funds Anger Citizen


Dear Source:
You were way ahead of the other news sources in recently reporting that, for the third year in a row, the V.I. Education Department sent back to the federal government over $2 million in non-matching funds.
Does nobody remember that the present commissioner of education assured all and sundry prior to the territory schools' re-opening after the summer recess that all repairs had been done and the schools were ready to open?
And do people so quickly forget that the commissioner's assurances turned out to be total hogwash and that school hours were lost and classes were dismissed until numerous repairs could be done?
With all due respect to Gov. Turnbull, his tenure as education commissioner was as equally abysmal as the current commissioner's, and yet his platform continuously touts education reform as a high point.
This is so damn sad. Children are still bearing children. Absentee parents let their kids run wild. The women never had a chance, but getting a baby was a high-five because that made her a real woman, and she could go get the WIC program, and, of course, she never goes to family court to have her man take care of the baby by giving her monthly support for that child.
OVER TWO MILLION DOLLARS was sent back to the federal government because a whole bunch of lazy asses working for the Department of Education simply didn't do what they were supposed to do.
The children suffered beforehand and continue to suffer.
I so sincerely hope that people out there will pay some attention and try to make things a whole lot better than they are right now where our youth are concerned.
Anna Clarke
St Thomas

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