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Brief: Residential Property Taxes Due Feb. 28


Feb. 2, 2006 — Year 2004 residential property tax bills are due Feb. 28.
And, the bills are considered delinquent if they're not paid up by March 30.
People planning to appeal the 2004 tax bills must do so by April 14.
Normally, the Tax Assessor's office sends out property tax bills in June, with the due date Aug. 31.
However, last year the Tax Assessor's office didn't get the bills out until September.
Tax Assessor Roy Martin said that his office was waiting for U.S. District Court injunction to be lifted on commercial property tax bills so the residential and commercial bills could be sent around the same time.
He said the injunction is still in place, so in order not to delay the process any longer, the residential property tax bills went out. Martin said his office expects to shortly send out the 2004 commercial property tax bills using old values.
The court issue has forced revaluation of both commercial and residential property tax bills.
Martin said the 2005 property tax bills will be sent out on time in June using the new values.
They will be due by Aug. 31. The appeal date will be Sept. 15.
Martin said if taxes are not paid on time, taxpayers face a penalty. The Finance Department said starting with the 2004 tax bills, the penalty is 1 percent per month.


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