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New Undersea Guided Tour at Coral World


Coral World is hoping its new Sea Trek will update Jules Verne for the St. Thomas attraction, a la "20,000 Tourists Under the Sea."
It may take some time, as just seven guests per group embark on the new underwater guided tour, but the equipment certainly has the appropriate sci-fi, high-tech look.
Wearing bathing suits, seven Sea Trekkers descend a ladder off a new dive platform into 10 feet of water near Coki Bay’s coral banks, but not before a 70-pound helmet is placed on their heads. Hooked up to a compressed air system, the helmet also provides weight and stability underwater.
Once beneath the surface, the group is led by a marine guide along a natural path on the sea floor among corals teeming with life, color and rhythm. The reef is brush-stroked with red, yellow and orange sponges, providing a home for myriad sea creatures from yellow-and-black-striped sergeant majors to bizarre-looking trumpet fish.
The path covers about 60 yards in 10 to 17 feet of water, and the trek takes from 20 to 25 minutes. Trekkers should be healthy and at least eight years old.
There are many safety features factored into Sea Trekkin’, including a backup system for air continuity. Designed and manufactured by Sub-Sea Systems in California, the entire program is geared for safe, recreational usage. At Coral World, a diver with a communication link to the guide accompanies the group.
Sea Trek costs $64 for adults, $57 for kids including the price of admission. Coral World staff recommend calling beforehand to make reservations. For more information or to make reservations, call 775-1555.


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