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School Repair Requires Better Politicians


Dear Source:
SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, that is what you have to expect from a system the appoint department heads by who worked at the best fish fry during the political campaign. If we demand that the governor appoint qualified personnel to the position of Commissioner, Superintendent, and Administrator, this would not happen. If you look at the Governor's staff, you will see the same group that as commissioners, and Senators, they could not do what was required, but now they are advisors to the governor. Now that it is the end of this administration's term, I do not believe that any thing will be attempted to correct the school problems until the next group of jokers is elected, appointed, and started pillaging the people again. It is time for us to elect qualified individuals as governor who will not appointed individuals because of party affiliation, or fish fry result, but individuals who have the experience to do the work. If we cannot find them in the territory, then we must go elsewhere, but get them.

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