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School Officials and Contacts


The following is a list of schools, principals, phone numbers and addresses for schools and education centers on St. Thomas and St. John. It is accurrate as of Jan. 19, 2007.
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High schools
Junior high schools
Elementary schools
Alternative education centers

High Schools
Charlotte Amalie High School
Lot #8 & 9 Estate Thomas
Principal: Jeanette Smith-Barry
Assistant Principals: Carmen Howell, Joel Buchanan, Barbara Callwood, Alcede Edwards
Tel. 774-0780; Fax 774-0838
Ivanna Eudora Kean High School
Tract A, #1 & 2 Estate Nazareth
Principal: Sharon McCollum, Ph.D.
Direct Tel. 777-7717
Assistant Principals: LeRoy Trotman, Ph.D., Lueben Davis, Alicia Leerdam
Tel. 775-6380; Fax 779-2341
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Junior High/Middle Schools
Addelita Cancryn Jr. High School
#1 Crown Bay
Principal: Yvonne Pilgrim
Assistant Princpals: Ahmed Popo, Avery Evans, Selassie Francis
Tel. 774-4540 or 777-8344; Fax 777-8552 or 777-8341
Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School
#9-1 & 12 Bovoni
Principal: Carver Farrow
Assistant Principals: Lamont Thomas, Lois Habtes, Ph.D., Leonard Richardson, Ph.D.
Tel. 775-4222, 775-4987 or 775-4048; Fax 775-4028
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Elementary Schools
E. Benjamin Oliver Elementary
#148-325 Anna's Retreat
Principal: Felix Durand
Assistant Principals: Judy King Edmeade, Audrey Bowry
Tel. 775-2000 or 775-4330; Fax 775-4357
Evelyn Marcelli
#3 Honduras
Principal: Doris Daniel, acting
Assistant Principal: Angela Carty, acting
Tel. 774-2966; Fax 714-4469
J. Antonio Jarvis Elementary
#52B, 53, 54 Prindsens Gade
Principal: Carolyn Archer
Assistant Principal: Stephan Jurgen
Tel. 774-0036; Fax 777-4392
Jane E. Tuitt Elementary
#19 Levoki Strade
Principal: Sidney George
Tel. 774-0520; Fax 776-4213
Joseph Gomez Elementary
#142 Anna's Retreat
Principal: Freida Farrow
Assistant Principals: Luis Esquillin, Ph.D., Ellen Francois, Acting
Tel. 775-2354 or 775-4490; Fax 715-3151
Joseph Sibilly Elementary
#14, 15, 16 Estate Elizabeth
Principal: Dora S.E. Hill, Ed.D.
Tel. 774-7001; Fax 774-2779
Leonard Dober Elementary
#9A/10B Krondprindsens Gade
Principal: Carla Sarauw, Acting
Tel. 774-5874; Fax 774-5253
Lockhart Elementary
#41 Estate Thomas
Principal: Laura Chesterfield
Assistant Principals: Michelle Rogers-Bully, Jamon Liburd
Tel. 774-2133; Fax 774-3111
Gladys Abraham Elementary
#68A Estate Lindberg Bay
Principal: Whitman Browne
Assistant Principal: ReGina Vanterpool
Tel. 774-7385 or 774-3382; Fax 774-9866
Yvonne Milliner-Bowsky Elementary
Estate Mandahl
Principal: Lydia Lettsome
Assistant Principal: Marion Lynch-Esannason
Tel. 775-3220; Fax 775-3355
Ulla F. Muller Elementary
#7B Estate Contant
Principal: Ophelia Shillingford
Assistant Principal: Symra Browne, Acting
Tel. 774-0059; Fax 774-4862
Guy H. Benjamin Elementary
#1 Emmaus, Coral Bay
Principal: Margaret Bowers, Ed.D.
Tel. 776-6242; Fax 693-5400
Julius E. Sprauve Elementary
#18-14 Estate Enighed
Principal: Mario Francis
Assistant Principal: Dionne Wells, Acting
Tel. 776-6336 or 776-6337; Fax 693-8136
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Alternative and Other Schools
Edith L. Williams Alternative
#1 Charlotte Amalie
Cira Burke, acting director
Tel. 775-0820; Fax 777-3191
Day Adult Education
Commandant Gade
Dahlia Adams, Acting Assistant Principal
Tel. 774-6899; Fax 774-8399
Adult Continuing Education
Lot #8 and 9 Estate Thomas
Alcede Edwards, administrator
Tel. 774-0780; Fax 774-0838
Wheatley Skill Center
Estate Thomas
Enoch Rogers, Supervisor
Tel. 774-6277; Fax 777-5444
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