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School Officials and Contacts


The following is a list of schools, principals, phone numbers and addresses for schools and education centers on St. Croix. It is accurrate as of Jan. 19, 2007.
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Elementary schools
Alternative education centers

High Schools
Central High School
RFD No. 2 Kingshill
Principal: Gary Molloy
Assistant Principals: Regina Williams, Charmaine Hobson-Johnson, Patricia Cottle-Matthew, Joseph Schrader
Tel. 778-0123; Fax 778-1085
Educational Complex High School
5A-5C VICORP Land, Kingshill
Principal: Kurt Vialet
Assistant Principals: Prospero Lewis, Debra Abel, Janasee Sinclair
Tel. 778-2036; Fax 719-7996
Vocational School
5A-5C VICORP Land, Kingshill
Principal: Anastasie Jackson
Assistant Principals: Denstun Bacchus, acting
Tel. 778-2216; Fax 778-2873
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Junior High/Middle Schools
Arthur A. Richards Jr. High
20-21 Stoney Ground, F'sted
Principal: David J. Rossington
Assistant Principals: Cheru Ross-Denton, Celeste Knight-Lang
Tel. 772-1500; Fax 772-4784
Elena Christian Jr. High School
64/64AD/65AS La Grande Princesse
Principal: Willard John
Assistant Princpal: Suzette Daniel, Marine Joseph
Tel. 773-4445; Fax 773-6208
John H. Woodson Jr. High School
RR No. 1 Kingshill
Principal: Vaughn Hewitt
Assistant Princpal: Myrl Hendricks, Crista-Ann Molloy
Tel. 778-2710; Fax 778-6867
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Elementary Schools
Alexander Henderson Elementary
#31 Estate Concordia, F'sted
Principal: Sofronio Navarette, Ph. D.
Assistant Principals: Andrea Hobson
Tel. 772-1330; Fax 772-3530
Alfredo Andrews Elementary
11AA Estate Friedensburg (VICORP)
Principal: Daryl Richards
Assistant Principal: Joan Claxton
Tel. 778-1925; Fax 778-3310
Charles H. Emanuel Elementary
#3 VICORP Land, Kingshill
Principal: Basil Williams
Assistant Principal: Delicia Sealey-Espinosa
Tel. 778-0511; Fax 779-3808
Claude O. Markoe Elementary
Plots 71 – 75 Mars HIll, F'sted
Principal: Kent Moorehead
Assistant Principal: Faith Dane P. George
Tel. 772-4510; Fax 772-4132
Eulalie Rivera Elementary
#3 & 22A Estate Plessen, F'sted
Principal: Cheryl Willocks, acting
Assistant Principal: Joanna Brow
Tel. 692-2121; Fax 778-8331
Evelyn M. Williams Elementary
#13A Mt. Pleasant, F'sted
Principal: Carlos McGregor
Assistant Principals: Gwenhilda Phillips
Tel. 772-2844; Fax 772-2875
Juanita Gardine Elementary
Estate Richmond
Principal: Carmen Mills
Assistant Principals: Raymond Ross
Tel. 773-0050; Fax 773-1020
Lew Muckle Elementary
310 Sion Farm
Principal: Elizabeth Hoover
Assistant Principal: Eloise Benjamin
Tel. 778-5286; Fax 778-7976
Pearl B. Larsen Elementary
#7 Estate St. Peters
Principal: Maria Encarnacion
Assistant Principal: Rodney Moorehead
Tel. 773-3070; Fax 692-9336
Ricardo Richards Elementary
491 Barren Spot
Principal: Colleen Williams
Assistant Principal: Wendy Gonzales
Tel. 778-0612; Fax 778-0751
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Alternative and Other Schools
Positive Connections Alternative Education
Estate Richmond
Ophelia Williams-Jackson, Director
Tel. 713-9118; Fax 773-4048
Adult Continuing Education
36B La Grande Princesse
Daphne Williams, Ph.D.
Tel. 773-6401; Fax 773-0015
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