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Gays Are Part of the Community


Dear Source:
The U.S. Virgin Islands are, and have been since 1666, a potpourri of people. Europeans intermarried with people of African descent; huge families grew from such inter-relationships and became stalwart members of the community. The Lockharts, the Paiewonskies, the Von Scholtens, the Moolenars and a whole bunch more.
And amidst and between all these old families there's been the gay contingent in their midst, within their families. Not widely talked about but nonetheless a big part of the community, the gay community has, over many years, contributed many thousands of dollars to this community.
Does anybody remember Carpenter Batchelder? Louisenhoj Castle was THE place to be for fundraising events and Batch's soirees were awesome. Certain Senators obviously still have a problem with the anti-man syndrome. I say to them, "Oh just get OVER it!" Put religion aside for goodness' sake. GAY is not BAD or evil, just people, and as long as they don't mess with you then what's your problem?
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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