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Gomez Elementary Observes Black History Month


Feb. 17, 2006 – In commemoration of Black History Month, the administration, faculty, staff and students invite all alumni to join them for an Open House on Wednesday, Feb. 23, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Principal Freida Farrow said, "If you attended the Joseph Gomez Elementary School, we ask that you schedule a few minutes of your day to visit with us. Observe the changes that have been made over the years, which include the addition of the piano lab, the Literacy Resource Center, the Parent Center, a modern computer lab and much more.
"Visit our classes and talk to our students, tell them about your lives and give them inspiration so they too can become successful students and citizens."
For more information on how you can participate, call the school at 775-2354.


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