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Residents Win Free Kilowatts from WAPA


March 1, 2006 – The V.I. Energy Office is awarding three households for energy efficiency by paying part of their electric bill.
The Planning and Natural Resources Energy Office and WAPA announced this week the following individuals were selected as winners of the "Energy Efficiency Challenge" which took place during Energy Awareness Month.
— Daniel Sullivan, St. Croix
— Ivan Sargeant, St. Croix
— Linda and Leonard Creque, St. Thomas
The contest was developed, designed and funded by the V.I. Energy Office, in an effort to encourage the participants in the program to undertake energy saving measures to lower their energy consumption. As a reward for their energy efficiency practices, the three winners will be awarded a credit of approximately $251.61 each, which will be applied directly against their monthly bill up to a 1,000 kilowatt hours.
The check to WAPA was delivered this week to credit the three residential accounts.
The residents earned the cash awards by instituting specific energy efficiency measures which resulted in an overall reduction in their energy consumption.
During the period Oct. 21 to Dec. 20, 2005, Sullivan lowered his electrical consumption from 2,446 kwh to 1,617 kwh or 33.8 percent which was the highest percentage reduction. The energy tips he followed were turning off the air conditioning when no one was home, setting the air conditioner at 78 to 80 degrees, and turning off the computer when not in use, and replacing incandescent with fluorescent bulbs. The Creques managed to reduce their monthly average kilowatt consumption from 1,658 kilowatts to 1,278 kilowatts or 22.9 percent. Sargeant lowered his average monthly consumption from 795 to 673 kilowatt hours or 15.3 percent.
Bevan R. Smith Jr., director of the V.I. Energy Office, said in announcing the winners, "We understand the adverse effects of the rising cost of fuel. However, we are confident that through energy conservation and efficiency measures we can begin to mitigate the economic impact."
Alberto Bruno-Vega, WAPA executive director, agreed. "We are pleased to continue our partnership with the V.I. Energy Office through positive programs such as the "Energy Challenge" and the ongoing Energy Audit program which helps residents identify ways to reduce their energy consumption in their homes. Residents can apply at WAPA or VIEO for an energy audit walk-through of their homes with a technical team from the two agencies."
For an Energy Audit contact V.I. Energy Office at 773-1082.
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