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Another Example of Why We Need a CFO


Dear Source:
The pediatrician for special needs children at a public health clinic has just been forced to leave the territory because she could not get the V.I. government to issue her paychecks. She waited six months, longer than most would have. She finally had to take out a bank loan to pay her bills! Now she has gone to serve the state of Alaska for three months. It is difficult to get professionals to come to the V.I. She could have a thriving private practice. Once again, the children of the V.I., this time kids with serious health problems, are doing with out because we aren't equipped to pay our own bills.
Thank you, Donna Christensen, for moving this bill forward! Governor, get your head out of our sandy beaches. Perhaps you would like to personally contact a few families directly and explain why their child has no physician.

Susan Mann
St. John

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