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FYI: Donastorg Questions Enforcement of Animal Cruelty Laws


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March 9, 2006 – Senator Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg remains concerned about what may be a failure to enforce the Territory's new animal cruelty laws. The laws, enacted nearly one year ago, make the willful abuse and neglect of an animal a possible felony crime.
"We are all well aware of some serious abuse and neglect cases, but I have not yet heard of these new, harsher penalties being utilized," Donastorg said. "These laws were created in order to give law enforcement the tools they need to make arrests and convictions."
Donastorg said stricter enforcement of the animal cruelty laws would help protect animals, but also children and others vulnerable to abuse.
"Experts have found one way to ensure that some abusers are stopped before they are ever able to hurt a human being. Animal cruelty has been clearly and undisputedly linked to the abuse of children and women. By implementing and enforcing animal cruelty legislation, these potential offenders can be identified and rehabilitated before they inflict their violent behavior on human beings. It is essential that those who would deliberately abuse animals be stopped in their tracks," he said.
Donastorg said he would call on the Governor, the Justice Department and Public Safety to enforce the Animal Cruelty legislation.
"I am asking them on behalf of the women, children and helpless animals living in our community who have been tormented and tortured without punishment to make best use of these new laws," he said.
Donastorg reminded the community that next month is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month, a time set aside to educate the public about animal cruelty and to urge them to report any instances of violence toward animals.
"We must remember our success as a society is measured by how we treat the most helpless among us," Donastorg said. "We are among the last U.S. jurisdictions to enact these kinds of laws and it does not speak well of us if we fail to enforce them."


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