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Reader Presents Solution for Homelessness


While it might be a sacred cow, I would suggest that were the Marley Project sold to private condominium developers working in tandem with the Frederiksted Board of Economic Development and other stakeholders in a democratic process, that brand new housing could be built with cash left over. Such would help move the public welfare population to being more active participants in the community and for some it would be simply a place to live for a change. The construction of such housing would provide much construction work beneficial to many in our community. My apologies if this offends people, but I believe the highest and best use of the property on the boundary of downtown Frederiksted is other than currently used and better housing for the current occupants and those with no homes is a potential outcome of such a renegotiation of who gets what for what here on St. Croix.
Kevin McKeigue
Frederiksted, V.I.

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