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Strand Street is Being Ruined


Dear Source:
It is a crying shame that one of the widest streets in the Virgin Islands has been so narrowed that the Commissioner of Public Works finds it necessary to curtail and restrict parking on it.
Strand Street has been narrowed by the construction of sidewalks in addition to the existing galleries, which are public shaded walks, and sidewalks. I could not believe that I had to park in the vicinity of the ballpark and walk back to King Street to keep my appointment.
King Street, which from property line to property line is about 100 feet wide, was double-parked, and Strand Street was restricted. The result: no parking space. In addition, I couldn't see the dock for the trees, and the salt spray was being washed off the bushes and grass at our expense, I imagine, with continuous sprinkling of public water. My simple, beautiful Frederiksted Strand Street is being face lifted and beautified at tremendous expense. God knows how much the Legislature appropriated for this election year "show piece" capital project at our expense. We really need a CFO and a local government to rein in Turnbull and company.

Arnold M. Golden
St. Croix, V.I.

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