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Elementary Level Spanish Spelling Bee Winners Announced


March 16, 2006 – The winners of this year's District Elementary Level Spanish Spelling Bee were announced. The event was held at the Lockhart Elementary School on Friday, March 3.
The winners are as follows:
District Champion School: Peace Corps Elementary School
District/ School Champion: Rafael Smithen
Alternate: Christina Figueroa
Coach: Maria Callwood
Principal: Lydia Lettsome
2nd Place School: Antilles School
School Champion: Roshnee Mirchandani
Alternate: Jordan Ladd
Coach: Vietta Hutchinson
Principal: Ted Morse
3rd Place School: Wesleyan Academy
School Champion: Adonis Adolphin
Alternate: Brittany Sooklal
Coach: Gailyn Hendrickson
Principal: Beverly Hinds
4th Place School: Julius Sprauve Elementary School
School Champion: Kanikwa Ashley
Alternate: Arthur King
Coach: Carolyn Hodge
Principal: Mr. Mario Francis
All of the student participants received trophies and Spanish readers courtesy of the St. Thomas-St. John School District. The first place winner received a $100 gift certificate for the Dockside Book Shop and a Spanish/English dictionary, in addition to other prizes, compliments of the office of the insular superintendent.


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