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Light and Shadow Speak: An Exhibition at Mango Tango


March 20, 2006 – Mango Tango Art Gallery hosts the duo show of oil paintings by Brian Murphy and Patty Tacquard on Friday, March 24 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Over the last few years some of the most compelling works of art sold in the gallery have been small masterpieces by Murphy and Tacquard. They often show a shared fascination with light passing through and reflecting on water. Murphy paints landscapes on location. Tacquard works in her studio. He's interested in capturing light on objects rather than the objects themselves. She's focused on shadows which she pushes around to gently take the viewer to another part of the composition.
Gallery co-owner Jane Coombes notes that "the thrill in reviewing the breadth of the paintings that the artists prepare for an annual show is seeing the evident improvement. In order to record their perceptions and feelings, they have gone through many dozens of canvases and sheets of paper. The exhbition Light and Shadow Speak is the best of all they have painted in the past year. These works reflect their personal visual communication of beauty.
This show is devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter. Both artists present harmony between man and nature. Murphy sees a scene as interlocking shapes of color Tacquard continues to explore how shadows make the human figure three dimensional. Murphy concentrates on stark landscapes and still lifes, while Tacquard deftly selects and organizes the figures and objects in her paintings to make them appealing to viewers. Her use of shadow adds another dimension to her works.
They each have included unusual works. Murphy includes a stunning painting of the Rising Stars performing. He also has created a minimalist triptych that celebrates the colors of a landscape in stripes. Tacquard tackled the task of painting a shadowed female sunbather in larger than life size with dynamic finesse.
Murphy lives and works on St. Thomas, while Tacquard lives and paints on St. John. Meet the artists at the champagne reception. Enjoy the music of blues and rock 'n' roll of 2 Blue Shoes, a band influenced by Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen and Taj Mahal. The show continues for one month.
Click here to learn more about the Gallery, or call 777-3060.


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