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All Citizens Deserve Voting Rights


Dear Source:
Most recently Puerto Ricans suffered a major set back when the Supreme Court struck a blow to their effort to gain rightful and real status as equal citizens of the United States. Why are residents of U.S. Possessions being denied their right to equal protection, and what is the real, or legitimate reason why citizens of the United States are denied their full rights?
Is it because during the formation of the constitution, the forefathers/crafters of the document failed to provide or foresee the natural growth and manifest destiny of a nation?
Does precedent and constitutional text really provide for the dynamics of today's reality? I say not! Over five million U.S. citizens are being treated, regardless of their status, to a second-class citizenship. Come on!
What hypocrisy… the United States should really take a good look at itself. Maybe by doing the right thing and by doing what is really right, the U.S. might get others around the world to show a little more respect.
Someone once said that these guys spoke with "forked" tongues. One wonders.
Rafael A. Nieves
Homestead, Fla.

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