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Her WAPA Bills Don't Add Up


Dear Source:
I have to laugh at the current WAPA ad campaign to conserve energy and reduce your bills. I own a rental property and there are many times when no one is living in my house. I still have not been able to get a good answer to the question of why is my WAPA bill higher or as high when the house is empty as compared to when I have guests. The only things that use electricity when the house is empty are the refrigerator, pool pump, and several security lights, which come on at night and are motion sensitive. Yet, my bills rarely fluctuate, it doesn't matter if there are 6 people or 6 millipedes in my house, my WAPA bill is the same level of legalized robbery every month. I live in Chicago, we have the highest stateside electricity rates, I live in a large home with many TV's, computers and other electricity guzzlers, but even in the dead of a hot humid Chicago summer when the air conditioner has been running full blast for two weeks in a row, never is my electric bill as outrageously inflated as it is for my house in the territory. My favorite is the res loc whatever tax, which adds more than 100 dollars to every bill. WAPA is legalized extortion. I wish someone would stand up for us poor homeowners.
Sue Seibel
Chicago, Ill.

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