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Honda Owners, Lock Up Well!


Dear Source:
As the owner of an "island car" 1990 Acura which was recently stolen from right under my nose, the owners of Hondas need to be aware that these cars are particular targets of the baser element of island drag racing enthusiasts. My car didn't have an alarm system but it was locked up although, unfortunately, I had got lazy about putting on the steering wheel lock, which was my downfall. The following night another Honda, a Civic, was stolen from the same general area under exactly the same circumstances.
A few days later, both cars were found way up in the hills of Mariendahl off the Brookman Road, in an area where solidly paved roads lead nowhere. The Civic's roof and side panels had been cut off and parts had been thrown into the surrounding bush, obviously for later retrieval. My Acura's front seats and radiator were gone and the hood had been stripped off and thrown into the bush.
Both cars were towed away and neither is "fixable" with the only rather tarnished silver lining being that the parts that hadn't yet been taken (engine, transmission, computer, etc.) can eventually be sold. Not much of a silver lining really when one has to quickly find money to buy another vehicle.
If you have a Honda with an alarm system you're on the safe side, but I'd definitely suggest getting a steering wheel lock and wheel locks, both of which are easy to find and install and inexpensive.
It's unfortunate that these miserable little car thieves can't put their talents to better use legitimately instead of stealing from hardworking members of the community.
Whoever is using what came off my car do beware. Karma is a very strong force.
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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