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It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings


Dear Source:
Writing is kind of a compulsive distraction with me, and the only thing that will ever really cure it is for the problems that I take issues with are resolved. First of all, let me say that I applaud the St. Thomas Source and the Avis. Independent and quick to get the truth in print or online, they have earned my respect.
Now back to my issue. Yep! It's still Innovative. Last week after the article published by the Source and Avis, I was flooded with phone calls and emails. All I hear or read are confirmations that everyone had problems with Innovative.
I explained the Source article to a friend that is a DJ for a national syndicated radio program. He actually read the article on the air to my surprise. He also was flooded with emails.
Finally I received the call that I had wanted. Innovative called to explain that their records showed that a deposit was sent in the mail. Yes, the check is in the mail. Patient man that I am I continued to listen. The Innovative supervisor was very concerned that I had not received the deposit and said that she would order a stop payment and have a replacement check issued Monday. I was also told that I would receive a call when the check was ready so I could pick it up versus being mailed. Hanging up the phone, I was a happy camper. My first letter did the trick and got the giants attention. Thanks to St. Thomas Source and the Avis. The Daily News is another future issue.
Well as the saying goes, “It ain't over till the fat lady sings." I received a call this morning to hear that more research was needed to determine if the deposit check, which was reported as being mailed months ago, had been cashed.
As of this writing I am now waiting for the fat lady to sing. Cheeky bastards still have my money and the carnival is just around the corner.
Larry Boecker
St. Thomas

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