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Mango Tango: 'Humanist Energy' – The Work of Kathy Carlson and Mandy Thody


April 19, 2006 – Mango Tango Art Gallery unveils the works of Kathy Carlson and Mandy Thody in their duo exhibition "Humanist Energy" on April 21 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Carlson presents over 25 new oil paintings, and Thody offers an intimate collection of watercolors and a wide selection of raku sculpture. The show is the culmination of each artist's work for the the past year.
Gallery co-owner Jane Coombes explained that "exhibitions for Mango Tango are set up one year in advance. My husband and I expect a great deal from our artists. To be selected for a solo or duo show is both an honor and a demand for a great deal of disciplined work. The final exhibition showcases the extraordinary effort and creativity that the artists have put into each work."
Carlson paints in her studio in St. Thomas. Thody paints on the family's boat in Cruz Bay, St. John and sculpts and fires her raku works in her studio on land adjacent to her boat. They work separately and yet they share an artistic vision. Carlson's captures islanders in an innocence that precludes modernization. Thody looks to man before the fall and draws on archetypal images.
Carlson is known for her signature luminosity. Whether she is painting a historical piece of 30 people on a dock by a cargo ship or a stately portrait of a woman in straw hat, her vibrant color schemes and compositions capture the viewer's attention and emotion.
Thody excels in portraiture in watercolor and sculpture. Sometimes her watercolors inspire her raku sculptures. English-born Thody, calls on South Africa, where she grew up, and the West Indies, where she now lives, for the faces of humanity. Her Afro-centric images conjure a healing sense of the cosmos.
Both artists also enjoy painting their surroundings when they are not working with the human figure. Carlson has painted several vibrant florals. Thody has created a few engaging wall hangings of shuttered West Indian windows.
Meet the artists at the champagne reception. The band 2 Blue Shoes will play original tunes, as well as "derangements" of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan.
The show continues for one month. Click Here to learn more about the Gallery, or call 777-3060 for more information.


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