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Reader Has Cingular Issues


Dear Source:
I have to agree with Larry Boecker about the Cingular's problem. I live in Georgia and have excellent service here. Everyone in my family on St. Thomas have Cingular. Whenever I try to call their cell phones I get a "ALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSY St. Thomas six" message. This happens at any given time of the day. I called Cingular and they said there might be problems in the area. EVERY DAY??? Hmmmmm. But here is the kicker…my brother was visiting St. Thomas last week. He has Cingular from Florida. I called my mother, cousin, and uncle all back to back (St. Thomas numbers) and got the same "all circuits are busy." My brother (with a Florida number) was sitting next to all three of them, and he picked up on the first ring. Now tell me that something isn't wrong! I called my mom's phone again and got the same recording. So what is the deal with the 340 area code???
Recently when I was in St. Thomas, my families' Cingular phones could pick up my number's caller id; however, when I am in the states, my number comes across as 'unknown' to them. I would love to hear from someone at Cingular St. Thomas about his or her problems.

David La Place
Atlanta/St. Thomas

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