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St. John Is No More


i am deeply saddened by all that is going on in st.john the past year. for such a tiny island, it's starting to sound like a war zone, even in quiet coral bay where people used to escape to to get away from the congestion of cruzbay. it infuriates me and saddens me to see and hear about the little island that i grew up on and is still home to some of family members.
i knew that there would be changes once people started flocking to and from there, but i never thought it would come down to all of this violence and racial tension. i want to know what is going to be done about all this and what will become of this once sleepy place.
even though i don't live there anymore, i still visit quite often and will always be inlove with st.john, i wish i could do something about all that is going on. i am truly sad for my beautiful land.
where are the parent's of all these young people who are committing these acts of violence? where are all the people who were marching a few months ago for an alleged rape? doesn't all the gun shooting and burning people's houses matter?
Shelia Hill
Largo, Florida

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