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It's Not Cingular; It's Innovative


Dear Source:

I hear a lot of people coming down on Cingular. Actually they need to be pointing the finger at Innovative's telephone service. After all, Innovative is the origin of all mysterious "st. thomas six" messages, not Cingular. Also, when I try to call friends and family that use Sprint cellular service on the island (from my Innovative land line) I get the same message. So to blame Cingular seems pretty unfair…
Speaking of unfair, I have many conspiracy theories about this situation, such as certain companies (ok…Innovative) sabotaging their competitors cellular networks in order to have those companies disgruntled customers subscribe to Innovative's cellular service…but that would be irresponsible of me to say so without proof, so forget I said anything about it…

Michael Selfridge
St. Thomas, V.I.

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