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Cingular Is Driving Him Crazy


Dear Source:
Cingular's driving me crazy. Has anyone tried dialing 913 for information? When you do, you get a recording advising that the call cannot be completed as dialed.
Have you tried dialing 611 to get customer service? When you do, you get a recording advising that to continue in English you should press the star key. When you press the star key the message continues in Spanish.
Frustrated by my inability to speak Spanish, I called Cingular's local number 777-7777, but whom did I get? You guessed it—Puerto Rico. At least than I was able to press 1 and speak to a woman in English.
After relating my problems, she consulted with a supervisor and explained to me that the 913 information problem must be due to the digits on my cell phone not operating properly. Obviously my wife's phone and neighbors' phone then must also be defective.
As for the "nothing but Spanish" 611 number, I was told that they had been aware of this problem for some time, but all I had to do was call 340-690-5000 and I would get customer service in English.
After digging very deep for a Thank You, I hung up and dialed the number I was given. Guess what? I got a recording that the number was no longer in service. At least the recording was in English.
I can't imagine a phone company being run any worse. On second thought, if the local government took it over———
Wally Leopold
Lovango Cay, V.I.

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