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"The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said, to Speak of Other Things…"


Dear Source:
Is anybody else fed up with Innovative Telephone and it's monopoly of the Virgin Islands? I know I am. How can a company that receives 30 million dollars each year from the U.S. government free of charge be so crummy, inferior and squalid in its service to the people it charges service to?
Our phone lines are 30 years behind in technology; we wait months for repairs (I hear that is because of a union contract that says a repairman can only fix two services or repairs a day. Wow, I think I need a job like that). Innovative is a monopoly which I have always understood was against the law (Remember AT&T), and now it is rumored that Innovative is screwing with the cell companies services. Wow again. I think this is just "B-Czar", Czar Jeffrey Prosser that is! When the FCC or FSC broke up AT&T, it did cause change, but it was actually good change. It brought in a thing called COMPETITION, remember that word and it was good. Prices dropped, companies competed for your support of their services and service got a lot better for us all. I personally think it is time for Czar Prosser to be called on the carpet, his crappy service and noncommittal service attitude to the public has got to stop. So…FSC please get off your lazy bottoms and give us a choice of services OR are you in Czar Prosser's money pocket too?
Pamela Sullivan
St. Thomas

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