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Kudos to Jason Ackley


Dear Source:
It was a pleasure to read Jason Ackley's well-written Op-Ed in The Source. He certainly put the ongoing cell phone discussion into perspective and even a technologically challenged old broad such as I was able to understand it.
Innovative certainly needs to pull its tatty ratty socks up or, even better, we need some good competition. In the last six months they "lost" a check I put into the drop box. Threatened with disconnection of service I put a stop payment on the check ($15 bank charge) and wrote them another which the supervisor told me to put into the drop box. That one was "lost" too and I put a stop payment on it (another $15 bank charge.) It miraculously appeared several weeks later, the bank messed up and passed it and my next Innovative bill showed a one- month credit balance. (The bank credited me back with that $15.)
I thereafter paid my Innovative bill at THEIR bank, wrongly assuming that should solve the problem. Silly me. I recently received a late notice for my April bill. I immediately called and told them that I had in my hand the stamped receipt from the bank and was told that a note would go onto my account. This afternoon another Innovative representative called me about my April bill for which she said payment had not been received.
Did I go just a little ballistic? You bet I did. Sincerely yours,
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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