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Why Did Turnbull Receive The Award?


I, too, was flabbergasted to learn that the University of Minnesota is honoring Gov. Turnbull. I have just emailed them the Report Card on Education and John Fuller's reaction to Turnbull being honored. If the University of Minnesota knew, why? If they didn't know, why didn't they and how could this happen? I hope for a reply from the President's office.
This is my letter to the University President:
I just read on St. Thomas Source (Turnbull Recognized for Commitment to Education), that the university is planning to honor our Governor Turnbull — I am not the only resident of St. Thomas to be aghast at conferring such an honor on him.
Under his "leadership" the St. Thomas public high schools lost their accreditation, and the most recent report from the department of education here is appalling. The article is reproduced below. I don't know what kind of spin the office of the Governor has put on all this to convince U. of Minn. to honor him, but I am appalled that much more worthy potential honorees will be left behind because you have chosen him. Following this article is the reaction of another VI resident to your decision to honor him. Did the university know why??
Dena Langdon
St. Thomas

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